Daily Devotions for 11th January 2017


Look Upward and Pray to hear and receive from God

Reading : Daniel 7 verses 15-28

Meditation :  take time to consider what troubles Daniel here.
Why do you think he was troubled?
What do verses 22…25 and 27 say to you this morning?

Take time to Pray in response to the One who is God Most High

God Most High,
Help me to understand more and more
Who You are
And to give myself
In worship and surrender
To You alone.
Amen I pray this day.


Pray for those who suffer and grieve, and for those who comfort them.
O LORD God, hear our prayers.


Reading : read verses 15-28 again

Reflect on them at the end of your day…. And then pray to this God.
Amen and Amen we pray, O God

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