Daily Devotions for 4th October 2016

Tuesday 4th



Pray to hear and receive from the God who keeps His word

Reading : John 20 verse 31
Meditation : consider these great words from John – what do they mean for you?
What do they teach you?

Then take time to Pray to this Jesus
– asking God to make each truth here a reality in your life at this time
(Pray your morning worship to this God in your own words
Words of thanks for His promises
In His Word, the Bible
And that they are real for you.
Give thanks for the gift of eternal Life
Through Christ Jesus, His Son)
Amen and amen we say together.


Pray God’s blessing on those who run and attend Pram Praise each month at LK
Lord, bless them we pray. 


Reading : read these words again from John

Reflect – and pray in response to the LORD God
God of truth, come into my prayer of praise and worship to You.
Thank you for today, and as I count my blessings
Help me to trust Your words more
And to open my life afresh to Your grace in Jesus, Name above all names.
Amen I pray.


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