Daily Devotions for 17th September 2016



Pray to hear and receive from God, the Holy Spirit

Reading : Ephesians 1 verses 1-14
Meditation : consider all that Paul says here in these verses
What do they teach you? What is God saying to you and what is your response to Him?

And then Pray in response to Him.
O God,
Thank you for your living Word
And what You are saying to me today.
Hear my prayer
And help my faith in Jesus to keep on growing.
Amen we pray together this new day.


Pray for the children/youth in your church to know Sunday blessings!
LORD, bless them real good we ask!


Reading : read the verses again from Ephesians 1

Reflect on what they are teaching…. and then Pray to this God in response
LORD God, our God, hear our evening prayers.

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