Daily Devotions 17th August 2016


Pray to hear and receive from Jesus

Reading : 1 John 3 verses 4-6
Meditation : take time to consider what is said here – about sin, sinners and Jesus.
What is God saying to you from the verses? Is He teaching you something new?

and then pray in response, with confession – and receive afresh from Him!
O LORD our God,
Hear our prayers of worship and confession this day.
Move among Your Church afresh we ask
With Your grace and justice, mercy and forgiving love
And may it all begin with me.
May we be careful
To give You all the praise and glory
As we see Your Kingdom come, Your will be done
According to Your love and outrageous grace through Jesus.
Amen and amen!


Pray the words of the Lord’s Prayer as your own prayer today.
(The words can be found in Matthew 6 or online at LK website Prayer page)
O Father God, hear our prayers.


Reading : read the words again from these verses

Reflect on what they teach you and then pray in response –
and for others who are struggling in their Christian walk at this time
LORD God, Father God, hear our many different prayers.

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