Sunday is Heart and Soul day in Princes Street Gardens

 On Sunday this week….22nd May 2016   :    2 – 6pm

The Heart & Soul event will happen in Princes Street Gardens as part of the annual General Assembly of the Church of Scotland….with a lot of tents and a lot more!!          ( has the full programme….and see below)

Liberton Kirk will be there among many, many other churches and groups! Will you?

Look out for the Kirk’s  Pilgrims in Prayer  tent on the East Avenue of the Gardens!

Find out what A C T S is all about!
Why will there be dancing statues, pebbles, a wall of thanksgiving and tea-lights???

Please put the date in your diary…plan to be there……but do pray for the preparations….and maybe volunteer to help handing out leaftets or praying for/with others?  (Alastair Cameron or John Young can give you more details)


Ross Bandstand will be the main focus apart from the West and East Avenues hosting the 65 participating churches and groups.    (If the weather goes against us then the Ross Bandstand programme will be held in the Assembly Hall on the Mound.)

2.00pm  Open and Welcome
2.05pm  Sing, Sign and Celebrate! A team from Dunfermline “Prospects” group lead a short opening act of worship
3.00pm  Fischy Music – the popular children’s music group with memorable, easy to learn, fun songs that any child
                 can sing
4.00pm  Heart and Soul Swing Band – a 15-piece swing band with a mix of popular and spiritual songs
4.40pm  Procession – A gathering procession to draw people to worship
4.45pm  “Decade of Ministry” Update – The Ministries Council of the Church of Scotland provide an update on
                 their “Decade of Ministry”
5.00pm   Closing Worship –  Commencing with the parade of Presbytery Flags, a short 45-minute closing worship
                 service to round off the day’s activities

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