Celtic Devotions 10th February ’16


We follow the themes from the booklet Catching the Wave in the morning readings
and continue Psalm 119 in the evenings.


Pray to hear and receive from Father God
Reading : Matthew 7 verses 9-11
Meditation : consider these verses and what they say to you about God’s love and care as heavenly Father

and then pray to Him with thanks
Father God,
Hear my prayer this morning
As I thank You for being a Perfect Heavenly Father
And all Your good gifts to me.
In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


Pray a blessing from God on someone who has hurt you
Lord, hear my prayer and let Your compassion abound 


Reading : Psalm 119 verses 73-80

Reflect on these words and pray your evening prayer for others in need
LORD God, hear our prayers and have mercy on those we name before You.


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