The Kirkgate challenge

The condition known as ‘vertigo’ is said to be a combination of two things – a fear of falling and a desire to jump! The result is a jumble of mixed signals from the brain to the body, resulting, among other things, in temporary paralysis and the loss of a sense of balance.

All my life I have suffered from vertigo. As a child I was nervous of cliff edges, and could only get a certain distance up a tree before I got stuck. My clearest memory of it was once, on a family holiday in the south of France, when I was exploring one of the many hilltop fortresses just north of the Pyrenees. Inadvertently I stepped through a doorway onto the top of the outer wall which had no parapet, and found myself staring down a sheer drop of several hundred feet. I still remember how my legs froze beneath me as I desperately struggled to keep my balance. It took me what seemed an age (although it was probably less than a minute) to force myself backwards so that I could grab onto the post of the door from which I had emerged.

I am telling you this because I need to ask a favour. As you know, the Kirkgate Trust was set up to support Christian youth work in South East Edinburgh. One of our major expenditures has been the funding of part time student youth workers to work alongside our local youngsters, mentoring them and helping them to grow in their faith. In the past we have benefitted greatly from the input of Euan Gordan and Alex Richards, and currently are being well-served in this role by Anna Krabbenhoft.

Sadly, Anna’s time with us will be coming to an end this summer, and we soon need to start looking for a replacement. We need to have at least 3 years funding in hand before we can take on someone new, and we are currently short of this to the sum of £12000. By now you can probably sense where this is going, – we urgently need to raise some more funds.

But, what is the connection with Vertigo? The answer is simple. We are re-issuing the Kirkgate challenge – which means asking people to raise money by doing something outside their comfort Zone. So, in a fit of madness, I have offered to abseil down the side of a lighthouse!! I don’t know why I have done this, and perhaps I will never fully know, apart from the foolish notion that where I lead, others might follow. But here’s the rub – I will do this mad thing for no less than £1000!
So here is the favour I’m asking – please don’t sponsor me! (Or, if you do, please pray that I make it down OK.) Sponsor sheets will be at the welcome desks, and if you can gift-aid it, so much the better.

Much love,

P.s. – Happy Easter!

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